1.0 Executive SummaryThe follo

1.0 Executive SummaryThe following points MUST be included in the Executive Summary:?Summary of Marketing Plan including key objectives and Marketing Strategy highlights?Projected revenue, profit and market share figuresThe Executive Summary should be one page length maximum.2.0 IntroductionThis section should provide:?some background on the company?background of the country to enter?purpose of the marketing plan.3.0 Situation AnalysisThis section should cover the external and internal factors likely to impact on your company and its marketing strategy for the product or service selected such as:?Business Environment?economic conditions in the foreign market selected, and likely future trends?social and cultural factors and any changes or trends emerging that could affect your product or service?technological factors and likely innovations that could affect your product or service?political or legal factors affecting, or likely to affect, the company, the industry/product/service, marketing activities or customers?infrastructure eg ports, rail and road network, telecommunications, media and information technology environment etc?demographic trends?Market AnalysisNeed to demonstrate an understanding of the target country market, consumer and customer needs in that market.Should at least Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need):?Definition of the market in which will be competing?Market size and outlook for the product/service in the target country market (ie current size of market [units and values] and likely future trends)?Market characteristics,including:? distribution channels for the product or service category (and any barriers to entry)? prices and pricing practices affecting the category (including government controls)? effect of tariffs, subsidies etc?Target market behaviour, including:? market segmentation (ie how the market is typically segmented)? potential target market segment(s) for the product/service ? customer characteristics (eg demographics, geographic, preferences)? customer purchasing behaviour.?Competitor AnalysisNeed to develop an understanding of thecompetitive environment in which the organisation will operate in the foreign market.Must identify and evaluate the following:?the local competitors in the targeted export country market?existing and potential Malaysian competitors?other international competitors either already in the targeted export market, or who may potentially enter that market?Competition from substitute products or services both from within and outside the target export country market.?Competitor?s market share and coverage?Competitor?s strategy and international experience.?Organisation Assets and SkillsThe analysis should consider and Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need) the following, where relevant:?stage of international marketing involvement?previous and current experience in international markets?technical/production capabilities, production capacity and resources (including research and development capabilities and facilities, especially where continuing technology development is critical to maintain SCA?relationships with distributors (including channels typically used and margins)?existing supplier or key customer relationships?market shares, profit margins, cost structures for domestic and other existing export country markets?company profile and financial capability?company business philosophy and culture.4.0SWOT AnalysisThis analysis should be a culmination of the analysis undertaken in 3.0:?Strengths & Weaknesses?Opportunities & Threats?Implications of SWOT Analysis5.0 Evaluation of Alternative Marketing StrategiesIn examining these alternative strategies, must:?Identify potential target market segments in the chosen country?Outline possible positioning strategies for each of these target markets, and link them tobrief alternative marketing mix strategies, covering product, price, distribution and promotion?Evaluate realistic market entry options and indicate preferred entry strategy, and why.6.0 ObjectivesA mission statement plus specific financial and market share figure objectives must be included in the Objectives section, and must be measurable over time.7.0 Recommended Marketing Strategy?Target Market(s) should be clearly identified and described, Market Entry strategy explained and justified and Positioning Strategy clearly expressed and explained.?The Marketing Mix Strategy should include the following information, clearly presented and strongly supported and justified:?Identification and description of the full range of products or services being launched, product benefits, description of packaging, comparisons with competitors?Pricing strategy: Details of pricing and costing, clearly showing domestic prices and international pricing arithmetic, foreign currency conversion, comparisons with competitors?Specific channel choices, channel management strategies, costs associated with establishing and maintaining channels?Communication strategy, media selection and strategy, other promotion activities, and costs (a detailed promotional budget must be included).8.0 Implementation and ControlThis section shows how and when each element of the plan will be carried out, how it will be monitored, what unexpected contingency events may take place to impede the plan and what action will be taken to overcome these contingencies.?Action Plan?Monitoring of Action Plan?Contingency Plan

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