1. Define biomimicry and descr

1. Define biomimicry and describe one example not discussed in this text of how it has been used. (3pts)2. Look up Herceptin on the Internet and find out how it works against breast cancer. Determine when the patent on this drug will expire. Once the patent expires, other companies can make a generic form of this drug without having to do the expensive clinical trials required for the original drug. The cost savings may mean the drug would be available to Third World countries and the people who could not originally afford the drug. Companies who do the original research and testing want to extend the life of drug patents because they say they cannot make enough money to justify developing new drugs. What type of information do you need to know to decide if this is fair or not? Take the side of the company who holds the patent or the company that is going to produce the generic form, and write a paragraph arguing your case, including future potential benefits to patients. (5pts)3. Many commercialized proteins used in molecular biology techniques were discovered and obtained from organisms isolated from national parks, e.g., Yellowstone National Park. Do you think these companies should pay a certain percentage of their profits to these parks, i.e., the public? Should these companies have limited access to sources of these bacteria? Should the general public have access to soil/water/plant samples and the like from parklands even if their motives are noncommercial? Write a paragraph supporting your position. (5pts)Chapter 14 Questions1. Do an Internet search and find another drug, besides aspirin and penicillin, which has been isolated from an organism. Provide information on the organism, how it was discovered, and how it is used in the healthcare industry. Provide information how this chemical is used by the organism in nature. (Try searching with ?natural medicinal chemicals? or ?natural medical botanical products.?) (5pts)Chapter 15 questions1. Search the Internet for information on the Irish potato famine. What was it? When and why did it occur? (5pts)2. When grains are harvested and stored before being processed, insect and microbial contamination can occur. Search online and find out how insect parts are detected in grains. Determine the ?allowable limit? of insect parts in grain. (5pts)3. Search the Internet for information about Quality Protein Maize. How can this product improve maize value in developing countries? (3pts)

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