(1) The Supreme Court upheld most of the Affordable Care Act in 2012.

(1) The Supreme Court upheld most of the Affordable Care Act in 2012. The implementation of the Act has gotten off to a rough start. Locate and summarize an article about the impact of the Affordable Care Act on businesses or employee health insurance.(2) For this week, discuss your thoughts on the following ethical dilemma: You work in HR at a major consulting firm and one of the consultants comes to you and says that he cannot in good faith take an assignment at the Philip Morris company because they make products that kill people. How would you handle the situation? Once you have posted your response, respond to at least two other students.(3) This week?s discussion concerns the video that can be viewed by pasting the following link in your browser: Labor?s Comeback: In-sourcing Work at Northwest Airlines. You will be prompted to enter your last name and 7-digit student ID# followed by ?EWL.? You will be directed to the first segment of the video. Watch each segment. Although this took place several years ago, it is an interesting aspect of labor relations. Please post a response with your reaction to the video. Also respond to other posts.Single space 150 words each question, you do not have to repost the question just he response!

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