1. The use of this specific template is required; it is expected that you will contribute relevant, meaningful counselor comments throughout the session that provide evidence of critical thinking and self-reflection.a. Pay attention to the abbreviations on page 2, the sample transcript on page 3.i. Please note all microskills used and transcribe all interactions and dialogue, including verbal hesitations, such as ?uh,? ?ok,? ?um,? etc. whenever they occur in the dialogue.ii. The overall quality of your transcription is part of your grade ? be sure to include process comments!.b. Transcription should cover 10 minutes total for Weeks 4, 6, & 8 videosi. 20 minutes total must be transcribed for the Week 10 Final Project.c. To add more rows, right click in the last line of the table and click ?insert? rows below.d. At the top of your transcript, please provide specific questions, comments, or concerns you?d like the instructor to consider as your session is viewed.Sample TranscriptionName: Biff Martin Session Date: Mar. 15, 2015Question or comment: I felt awkward about my non-verbal communication. Am I talking too much? I think I should?ve allowed more silence to encourage the CL to speak more. I wasn?t sure how to end the session; it seemed very abrupt. Feedback? Suggestions?Indicate Whois Speaking:CO: CounselorCL: Client Transcribed Text of Session MicroskillAbbreviation

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