1992 Los Angeles riots

Paper instructions: Rather than an opinion-based research paper, this report will simply include the facts about your topic and answer the five questions provided. The only opinionportion of the paper will be when you explain the significance of the topic, which will be your conclusion. Include one direct quote from someone who was actually connected to the event (not a historian- should be an eye-witness, president, etc). You must use threedifferent CREDIBLE websites to get the information, and you must cite these sources throughout your paper and in a works cited page. Every paragraph except theconclusion should have at least two in-text citations. Use easybib.com and follow MLA format. 1) WHO AND WHAT? Who was involved and HOW? What key people or groups of people were involved and what was their involvement? Explain whatactually happened. (This might be multiple paragraphs) 2) When and where did your topic take place? (might be several dates and places) 3) What was the cause of the topic? Why did it happen? 4) What were the immediate AND long-term effects of your topic? 5) Why was your topic significant?

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