20 rules to succseefull parenting

20 keys to Successful Parenting Complied by Linda Wright Instructor Cheril ThompsonParents need to live in a consistent life one in which they exercise control. Parents must live by what they believe in so that their children may see the example they set. If parents do this then their childrens characters may be well balanced. Child Guidance, 482 Care must be taken by parents to make the Bible their guide in the way their children are brought up. Christs character should be set forth as an example for the children to follow. Children, when they are disobedient could be taught what the Lord stands for and what He did in the past to sins committed. Child Guidance, 515 The childs education must first begin at home where he may be taught by his parents, lessons of life such as respect, obedience, reverance, and self-control. These lessons are important and should be taught well because the will serve to follow in his life here on earth. School should not be designated as the first place where knowledge is imparted, but it should begin at home with the parents. Adventist Home, 182 There are often time that parents forget that they were once children and had parents. Parents do not remember that they felt neglected because they did not receive the love, care, attention, and concern they desired. Parents should remember how they felt as children and try to fulfil all of the needs that their children are presently yearning for. Adventist Home, 196 The home should be a place where children can observe their parents behaviour and model it. The attitude and behaviours that parents display towards one another should be one of loving, tender, concern, and respect so that their children could follow. Parents should not neglect rules because they are necessary in the home and should not be cast aside. Adventist Home, 16 Often time parents take the task of raising their children lightly. They need to acc…

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