3rd Statement of Understanding (SOU) due on Transformational Leadership, Servant Leadership, and Authentic Leadership

3rd Statement of Understanding (SOU) due on Transformational Leadership, Servant Leadership, and Authentic Leadership1) define/describe the leadership perspective(s) at hand. Tell me the obvious strengths and weaknesses of the approach. You will get this from the journal literature and I just want to see that you grasp what it is we are talking about. Then 2), I want you to go into the journal literature and tell me what we know about how the leadership perspectives at hand impact critical follower outcomes. We know that differing leader behaviors impact follower outcomes in various ways. So go into ABI Inform and Business Source Complete (you will want to search both as some journals only put their articles in one or the other) and type in transformational leadership on line one and so on and so forth?. and see what you get. But you will also likely want to put transformational leadership on line one and then try search terms like productivity, performance, satisfaction, commitment, creativity, etc. on line two to make sure you get a full grasp of how Transformational leadership (and then theory) impacts these critical follower outcomes. In doing so, I don?t need lots of direct quotations. Just tell me that Smith and Jones (2000) found that the situational model has been shown to enhance follower job satisfaction, etc. Next 3), tell me what you think about this perspective from a practical standpoint. What do you think about it? Would this work or not? Would it work better with some followers than others? In some contexts than others? Why? Also, tell me about any experience you have with the leadership perspective under study, either from you personally or from leaders than you have experienced. We can learn from effective and ineffective leaders.:

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