A Clockwork Orange

Copy machines are astounding pieces of equipment. A sheet of paper is placed in the machine, a button is pushed, a heavenly light passes, and out comes a copy identical to the original. But if one were to look closely, they would find that the copy lacks some of the detail that the original boasts. This holds true with most things, the copy just isnt as clear as the original. The book and the movie of A Clockwork Orange follow this undeniable truth. Throughout this paper I will show the similarities and dissimilarities between the two. I will compare and contrast the setting, characters, and plot. The movie softens and leaves out details that the book flaunts. The first thing I will delineate are the characters. All the characters from the movie follow the ones from the book pretty well, but there are a few characters that stray. In the beginning of the book Alex, the humble narrator, is a fifteen-year old boy, but the movie portrays him as being about seventeen. There is a part in the book where little Alex meets two ten-year old girls at a music shop. Upon meeting the girls, Alex convinces them to go back to his home with him. When they arrive at his humble abode they go into Alexs room. While in his room Alex gets the two young girls very drunk and then rapes them. But in the movie the girls are in their late teens. When they get back to Alexs home the two girls willingly have sex with him. Also in the book during the scene where Alex is staying at the elderly mans house he meets three people: Z. Doblin, Something Something Rubinstein, and D. B. da Silva. But in the movie one of the three is left out and a young male housekeeper was added. The setting that takes place throughout the movie and the book is set more in the future where there is little law enforcement and many young hoodlums of the night. In some scenes however, the movie is done in a different place or room than that of the book. F…

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