A Drunken Dream

A Drunken DreamProject description It is a reading response. Just one paragraph(200 word) for each comic page. Just follow the instruction, make two questions with each 200 words paragraph.For each response will consist of two parts: observation and questions. For the first part, choose one panel or panel sequence you find particularly interesting. Explain, in about 200 words, what you find interesting or worthy of attention in this panel. Formal considerations are preferredtry to tie observations about plot and/or characterization to the formal choices made by artists/writers. For the second part of your response, write two discussion questions. These questions should not be easily answered with a yes or no, nor should they be about the basic plot (i.e. What did X do after Y?). Your questions will help generate discussion in class. There are pictures of different comics from the book ADrunken Dream And Other Stories by Moto Hagio. They are Bianca, Girl On Porch With Puppy, and A Drunken Dream.:

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