A How to avoid boredom? speech Essay Help

I am very pleased because of you because of you who are going to listen to my speech today and also because I am healthy when I am going to deliver my speech. Well Ladies and Gentlemen in this time I am going to present about Boredom and my speech main point here is how to avoid it. Let me give you some definitions of boredom and how it can work in our life. Boredom is one of the most important things in human life. It simply shows that we are becoming aware of the futilityA How to avoid boredom? speech or meaninglessness of life. Boredom is also a reactive state of emotion that interprets the dull condition due to repetitive non-existent or tedious stimulation. We will be bored when not in the mood of doing anything? Ladies and gentlemen how can usually boredom work in our life? Boredom occurs when there is little or no interest involved in the situation that is presented. We are bored because we are stuck in an instance that we don?t want to belong in we cannot do anything about it or are not doing anything about it. Our mind is not completely focused and it is difficult to concentrate and feel interested. When one is bored their boredom can be seen through their work. It is evident when somebody is bored through their work because they are not knowledgeable about the situation that they are in. For example When I enjoy my work I will do my best and it will result a good result but when I have been bored with my work I cannot be maximal in working and it won?t result good things. This is because my mind is not completely concentrated and I have a lack of interest. Well Ladies and Gentlemen I have some experiences how to avoid boredom. I believe that there are so many ways of avoiding boredom and everyone must have different ways to avoid it but here I am just going to deliver to you five ways of avoiding it. ?Play a game or surf the web. ?I believe some of us must be glad in playing game or browsing something in the Internet. You can do this to avoid boredom. ?Have fun with whatever you are doing. After all trust me you will say that time seems to go faster when you are having fun. ?When being bored ask your family or friends to do things with you. ?If we just stay alone at home sometimes we don?t know what to do but when we ask our friend to do something with us we can be helped and we can get inspiration of doing something in which we like doing it. ?Listen to the music. ?You can choose a kind of music do you like to listen. I think most people like music right? When listening to the music it can help us to avoid boredom even drive our boredom away. ?Spend time for recreation. ?Recreation can be a great way of avoiding being bored at home and it can freshen our own mind. Ladies and Gentlemen I hope we can be helped from what I have delivered to you today. Try to have positive thinking of doing or facing something.”

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