A look at identity

A Look at Identity Identity is a set of characteristics by which an individual is recognizable. As time passes each identity is individually shaped by these characteristics. At an early age, parents start the identity process by giving their children names. It is in fact your parents that truly shape your identity. If your parents were aggressive people who rarely paid attention to you, it’s possible that you could wind up being a school bully or something along those lines. It’s quite frightening when you think about it. By not having “good” parents it is feasible to have an under developed identity. I also think that identity has to do with where you were raised. This may sound silly, but let me explain. Awhile back I read an interesting book titled “The Boys from Brazil” by Ira Levin, that had to do with identity. It involved four Adolf Hitlers, each raised in a different part of the world. It was interesting to see how each character reacted to his surroundings. Although the one in Germany tried to take over the world, the other three had no bad intentions and lived normal and happy lives. So in fact, identity can be influenced by society and the world around us. My name is Jessica Gaber and I’m 17 years old. I attend Westmount Collegiate Institute and I’m in grade eleven, but you knew all that…… right? You see, to people who don’t know me I’m just another demographic. Except, when you take the time to pursue my friendship, you’ll be surprised at how enjoyable my company is, share my passion for the stage, or my love for reading. A name can in fact mask your true identity, and create a misleading self image. My parents met each other on a blind date. Before they met, my mom asked her friend, the one doing the setting up, what my father’s name was. Trying not to laugh, the friend blurted out Harold. My mother had to think long and hard before she went to meet my father. With a name like Harold, he must have bee…

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