A memorable place to live

A Memorable Place to Live The sun sets at about quarter to six. Kids begin to come out of their houses like bats come out of their caves, ready to start playing something, anything that would come to mind. This is how my barrio was when I was growing up. I have lived in Juarez all my life and the only recall of a barrio I have is just before coming here to live in El Paso. After coming to El Paso at about the age of twelve, I have never experienced that same feeling of closeness my barrio made me feel. Coming home from school at about two in the afternoon, I would be very hungry. My mom, prepared for this, would fix me tasty meals that would appease my appetite. The first thing I did when I came from school was to take my uniform off, then I got into some comfortable clothes and ran out to the kitchen. There my mom would have five empty soda bottles ready for me to go to the corner store and exchange them for new ones. After eating, my mom cleaned the table in order for me to do my homework. The time went by fast and as soon as the clock turned to 5:30 p.m., I would ask my mom for permission to go out and play. At about six in the afternoon the streets would start to fill with young kids that were eager to start playing. Most of the time we played soccer, but on other occasions, we played games like hide and seek. This game of hide and seek was very fun because it was played among fifteen kids who all had a fantastic capacity to hide. In addition, the game took place in the whole neighborhood, so it was difficult being the one to look. Kids would hide up in trees, under cars and in places where it was very difficult being caught. What made the game harder was that we played in the night when it was dark, so it would present a better challenge to the “fortunate” person who had to look. Among other games, we also played wars. It was excellent but it had to be played in the daytime. The purpose of this gam…

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