A newcomer arrives

A Newcomer Arrives Mr. and Mrs. Gear I can assure you that Mrs. Gear is just fine. The only thing that I found was that the two of you are about to become parents, Congratulations! I can still hear the doctors voice as he told us the wonderful news. We were going to have our first child in November. The sense of excitement was overwhelming as we rushed home to call everyone we knew. I still dont know who was happier that day, the grandparents or us. After all, this would be the first grandchild on both sides of our family. We couldnt wait to start buying things for the little one and neither could anyone else. The gifts started pouring in months before the baby was due. We got everything from toys to clothes. For me it was frustrating at first because we did not know the gender of our baby yet. Everytime we went shopping we picked up another item. Once we learned we were having a girl we had to return part of the gifts. Thank god for the grandparents! They sent boxes constantly. I never knew we could spoil a baby that much before she arrived. By the last month of pregnancy we had quite a stockpile of baby supplies. I soon learned you can never have too much. One of the many fun preparations that we got to do was decorate the nursery. We went with the Noahs Ark theme. We had a white cast iron crib with gold balls at the top of every bar. The bedding was new and fluffy and perfectly set in the crib. The mobile was hanging with the animals looking down into the crib waiting to entertain the baby. There was a white dresser topped with stuffed animals, lamps, diapers and other things for our little girl. There was not a bear spot on the walls. They were filled with decorations of animals that tied everything together. There was a rocking chair in the corner with a blanket my grandmother had made draped over it. Everything was perfect and my wife showed it to anyone that came over. I was enlisted in the…

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