A Policy ProblemA Policy Probl

A Policy ProblemA Policy Problem ? associated to the already developed problem stated in the proposal (in other wards ask yourself if there is the problem stated in the proposal, what would be the Policy problem then?) ? I will provide you with the draft of the policy Problem I had developed you may want to improve this or restructure it to make it better (see attached files)b) A Policy argument ? This policy argument showcases the need have a problematic policies changed or doing research that would stimulate the dialogue to change the problematic polies. To ease your work, I will provide you with the draft of the Policy Argument I had developed which you need restructure and improve to make it better using good readings (see attached files) or you may choose to develop a better one as you may deem it fit.You should take into consideration that having both the Policy Problem and Policy Argument developed will facilitate the process of doing part two of the instructions below:2) Using the model provided by Richard Schwindt, Aidan Vining and David Weimer (2003) ?A Policy Analysis of the BC Salmon Fishery? & Stephen Crump (1992) ?Pragmatic policy development: problems and solutions in educational policy making? (both documents attached) outline and summarize a tentative ten page analysis of your policy topic and issue (Educating for The Creative Economy: Opening Up Spaces for Students to Experiment and Create) which (a) applies a pragmatic policy research model to the (b) identified policy problem (c) and a specific policy focus. (d) You should also provide an annotated bibliography of five more new journal articles to supplement the previous ones submitted ? I will provide you with the previous annotated bibliography done so far (see attached file called Previous Annotated Bib) and you need to provide a new annotated bibliography of two articles/chapters/books.Important thoughts to guide in accomplishing part two (2) above

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