A Supporting-Reasons Argument

A Supporting-Reasons ArgumentYour Writing AssignmentUsing Toulmin logic, develop an argument that uses at least two reasons to support your claim. Your argument must be a response to a problem in your local community.You can focus on a problem discussed in your critical thinking blog or class cafe, or you can choose another problem in your community (work, school, neighborhood, city) so long as you get my approval before you turn in your paper. Be sure to read the sample paper ?Half-Criminals? or Urban Athletes? A Plea for Fair Treatment of Skateboarders in your book (p. 150-52).(I will upload the pics of the sample paper for you) I am looking for a similar thesis in your paper. Here is the one from the sample essay:Critics need to change their unfair treatment of skateboarders because skateboarders are not antisocial misfits as popularly believed, because the laws regulating skateboarding are ambiguous, and because skateboarders are not given enough legitimate space to practice their sport.**Topics you MAY NOT write about because they have been covered extensively already: abortion, drinking age limits, second hand smoking, legalization of drugs, global warming, euthanasia/assisted suicide, gun control, spanking, capital punishment/death penalty, racial profiling, affirmative action, universal healthcare, legalizing prostitution, GMO labeling of foods, benefits of organic foods. It is hard to develop an original argument on these topics, and my eyes are weary of reading about them. Choose a local problem you have a personal stake in! Plagiarism = ZeroWriting a Supporting-Reasons ArgumentAs you structure your argument, you will begin with a stated enthymeme such as Hip Hop artists should be judged with the same moral scrutiny as Don Imus because . . .. From there, you will develop a series of stated reasons (two or three or more) that will become the focus of individual paragraphs. Each stated reason will get developed with data and evidence from personal experience or observation or interviews or research. If there?s any chance your audience might not share the unstated assumptions behind your claims, you need to provide some backing to support them. If your audience might be resistant or might try to refute your claims, you need to address their concerns and rebut them. If you realize that your paper?s overall argument could be rebutted, you need to add a qualifier. Don?t forget to develop an introduction and conclusion after you have figured out the logical structure of your argument.Before you write the paper, map out the parts in the logical structure and then think about the best strategy of support. Make an outline, and take some notes on how your audience might respond to the claims and warrants. This will help insure you provide the most persuasive grounds and backing. It will also help you see the need for rebuttal or qualifiers. Finally, mapping and brainstorming will make writing the paper easier because your thinking will be the most clear and organized.Draft Outline due to Catalyst Class Caf? NO LATER than Wednesday Week 6Final draft due to Turnitin no later than Monday week 7 by 11:59 PM.!

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