use quantitative and qualitative comparative research methodology since it is not suitable for my research. Secondary methods of data collection: the two countries constitutions are primary methods not secondary. We can develop this method and say that I am going to use texts that discuss my topic and other texts related. This method is more important than others. Data analysis: I am not familiar with this feature or method. I don?t understand what kind of data I would use in this study. My work will focus on reading specialized books and asking some scholars and those who are interested in to get information that I need. ?Moreover, Saudi Arabia has no written constitution unlike other western countries like USA that have a written constitution and a judiciary that is completely independent from the executive (Clements, 2008).? 1- Can you mention to THE BASIC LAW OF GOVERNANCE which is the Basic Law of Saudi Arabia? We can call it the Saudi constitution. http://www.boe.gov.sa/ViewStaticPage.aspx?lang=en&PageID=25 2- The judiciary is held to be independent under the Basic Law, and ?There shall be no power over judges in their judicial function other than the power of the Islamic Shari?ah.? (Article: 46) ?Saudi Arabia does not have defined oversight techniques be it political or judicial systems or committees.? 1- It does not define by the Basic Law of Governance, that?s right but it has judicial oversight which controls by Supreme Court and the Supreme Court system clearly states that. Judicial also has legitimacy of rules and regulations oversight. 2- There is an important law which you can mention to as a kind of political system: Law of pledge of Allegiance Commission. http://www.boe.gov.sa/ViewSystemDetails.aspx?lang=ar&SystemID=8&VersionID=13&languageid=2 ?oversight in the USA is done by the Congress (political oversight).? 1- What is about Judicial Review? I think we should talk about it. Results Anticipated and Ethical!

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