a. What are some of causes of

a. What are some of causes of the fall of the Roman Empire? Why are there so many different opinions about this? Whatdo you think was the reason for the fall of Rome?b. How did Alexander the Great?s conquests affect the history and culture of the Near and Middle East?c. Compare the lives and careers of Cyrus the Great of Persia and Emperor Ashoka of India. Who was the greaterconqueror? Who do you consider did more for their people? Who do you think was the greater, better leader? Why?d. Compare the roles of women in Near and Middle Eastern, African and European(Greek and Roman) societies. Which doyou consider better? Why?e. Most historians consider Sumer the first civilization. There were earlier cities and cultures, so why is that?Research the different definitions of civilizations and the arguments made for or against Sumer?s status as the first. Doyou agree or disagree? Why?f. Research ancient legal codes. How are they similar? How are they different? Have they influenced modern legalsystems? How so? Which one do you prefer? Why?g. How did the ancient Chavin and Olmec cultures influence later American cultures? Compare one of the two to a laterculture such as the Maya, Toltec, or Inca to find your answers.h. Why did the first unification of China last only 11 years? Trace the history of the first empire, its policies, tofind your answer

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