A womans view

A Womens View There are a lot of specific cultural values that have been taught to women by society since birth. The three essays, I Want a Wife by Judy Syfers, How the Superwoman Myth Puts Women Down by Sylvia Rabiner, and An Open Window On My Private World by Jane Elizabeth Lemke are all written by women who share their experiences with us. The three essays explore the value of self, power, control, and life. First of all, in the essay, I Want a Wife, Judy Syfers exposes the meaning of wife presently in our society. Her argument is based on the premise that all wives are completely devoted to their husbands and are willing to tend to all their needs and satisfy them completely while working, being a good mother, and remaining gorgeous. Syfers reveals her definition of a wife in a very sarcastic and frustrated manner. Also, the style of the whole paper is very ironic. Almost as if she is screaming, she concludes her essay with, My God, who wouldnt want a wife?(pg.648, 11). The cultural values portrayed in this essay are the value of control and the value of wanting to be loved. The value of control is portrayed in our society by the husband having the control and power over his wife. Because of that control, the wife is forced to do all of these unrealistic tasks forced on her by society. The woman fears that if she is not compliant or unable to perform her duty as a wife, her husband will find another wife who will. The value of wanting to be loved also represents how the woman performs all of these tasks for love. In addition, the essay How the Superwoman Myth Puts Women Down b…

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