According to Andrea Dworkin, f

According to Andrea Dworkin, fairy tales reflect and support a patriarchal ideology (refer to essay by Johnson in your text). They are a source of information of what our society wants us to know about who we are and what we are supposed to be. If fairy tales do indeed have the power to form and shape us and are a primary as well as a childhood source of information, then it would be a powerful and empowering action to envision and create new fairy tales that support a more humanist/feminist/egalitarian, non-patriarchal ideology. A feminist/humanist ideology would value what has been labeled ?feminine? and hence devalued by society. For example, it would value relationships, communication, equal parenting, and practices of caring.Please write or describe a fairy tale that does not support a patriarchal ideology, but instead supports an alternative, a feminist/humanist/egalitarian one. In other words, a non-patriarchal society is not founded on a hierarchical or stratified structure, racial and sexual hierarchies are also transformed, the female does not need rescuing, she is not the victim, and she is not objectified or passive (she reads?), not everyone is heterosexual or white, and conflicts are not solved through fighting or war, and so on.

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