activity level of athletes

activity level of athletesThey have the following dietary restriction: veganAnd the following medical condition: heart diseaseTheir weight objective is: weight maintenanceRespect the following criteria closely and submit your final .doc version and the ppt (10 min presentation in class) to me by email.Deadline: no later than Sunday February 2nd at midnightAll submissions must be your original production. Any pilgrims will be dealt with as per school?s regulationFrench version belowPopulation: define as per specific criteria sent to you by an individual emailDue date: all reports (.doc format) must be accompanied with a 10 min presentation (.ppt format) summarizing your outcome. Both documents must be emailed to myselfRequirements:1) Clearly define the nutritional needs of your target population in terms of all macronutrients and all micronutrient which may be of importance to your specific population considering their weight objectives, dietary restrictions and medical conditions (start with BMI and Harris-Benedict equation)(30 points)2) Create 3 menus which include a starter, a main course and a dessert OR 1 menu with at least 3 items for each category of dish, (minimum of 9 dishes in total)? Use recipes from different resources (books, online or other sources) for your menu development. (include all sources and references)(20 points)3) Analyze the nutritional profile of each dish using the website: Calculate the total calories and all relevant nutrients for each dish as well as for the overall menu (starter + main course+ dessert)? Respecting the dish?s sensory characteristic, change recipes as needed (ingredient/ cooking method) to meet the specific nutritional requirements of your target population based on your previous calculation of their dietary/weight/health objectives (section 1).? For each recipe, the original and the final list of ingredients, its cooking methods/instructions as well as the nutrient/serving table from page (as per table below) must be included in your report.(60 points)4) Specify nutrients which require special attention for your target population and justify how your recipes meet those special dietary/health demands.(30 points)5) Communicate the nutritional information for each dish on your menu in any creative format. Include an actual menu which contains nutritional information and would be given to clients..(30 points)6) Justify your choice of menu labeling format (calories, logos or any other) and why this format is most suitable for your target audience).(30 points)7) BONUS POINT: include a marketing campaign for your target population. How you would leverage your nutritional information for a competitive advantage? (25 points)!

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