David Cox 10/22/99 A1 Mr. Galvin Kelsey Grammar: A Reflection of Myself As we grow older, we find someone to looks up to. Some of us admire celebrities, family, and friends. I admire Kelsey Grammar. I admire Kelsey because of his morals, his acting expertise, some of the obstacles he has overcome, and for the donations he has made to charities. The main reason is how he has overcome hurtles in life which must have been tough to handle for someone who is so busy. His first problem was revealed to the public in 1997 when people found out about his drinking problem. It was at the 1998 Academy Awards show where I really realized what he had done. In his acceptance speech he said he had fell into a deep dark hole, a place of misery and despair. This though did not stop him, he refused to give up and let the alcohol win over him. He said that he found that his friends and family helped him overcome it, and to this day he has been three years sober. I find this fascinating. Many actors as most people know do all sorts of substance abuse. The fact that he overcame alcoholism means a lot to me. It makes me feel very proud of him. Another problem was experiencing the death of his sister who was murdered and Kelsey had to face the killer in the courtroom. Finally, Grammar had to go through his best friend loosing his wife just three days after they got married. About a week after her death, his best friend committed suicide. His morals that he stands for are also important to me. He gives speeches about what it was like to have his life being controlled by a bottle of booze like a hand puppet. From incidents that have happened to him he learns from and shows that no matter how bad it gets, never give up. The acting he does in movies, TV shows, and Broadway I have found to be truly amazing. He can switch from a completely focused dramatic actor to a comedian in the blink of an eye. The first show he …

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