Toth and Ephron might have been born around the same time, but did not share the same views for the most part about adolescents. Ephron had a very mentally troubled adolescents while, Toths account of her adolescents was very cut and dry. Ephron wrote about her whole life mostly from age 10 to her present age. The writers didnt have much similarities, except that they both grew up in the same time and that they both had boyfriends that didnt really respect. They both drove in their boyfriends cars a lot. Another similarity is that Toth and Ephrons first kiss was discussed in their works. The first kiss is a major experience in a persons life. They both thought it was very important to put in theyre stories. Many differences arose in the authors tons and attitudes towards their adolescences. Toth and Ephron wrote about the same thing but the ways that they wrote about it was very different. In Shaping up the Absurd Ephron took into count how embarrassed she was and how she didnt like her self. Ephron wrote with more sprit and it seemed that it was a very personal story. She put her heart and her soul into the work and, didnt even think twice about embarrassing her self. Toth didnt really put her self into the work. Toth just wrote about growing up and apart from her boyfriend. Toth liked the atition and like the fact that someone loved her. You could tell that Ephron was much more involved in her account of her adolescents. She put her heart on to the paper. The Disposable Rocket and Locker room Talk were two very different works. Updike unlike Dunn believes that the body leads the mind. Men talk to each other about girls to brag, its male bonding at its peak. Dunn believes that men talk like that because they lack something, while Updike says that men do it because its their na…

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