advanced investment and theory

advanced investment and theoryProject descriptionASB 3215 ? Advanced Investment and Theory<br />2013/2014<br />The assignment:<br />Why the capital markets are expected to be ?efficient?? Discuss.<br />Build your argument on these three issues.<br />? Is it possible for investors to find trends in the past stock prices and beat the market? Explain the tests which are used to analyse the relation between the past performance and stockreturns.<br />? ?Fundamental analysis enables investors to earn abnormal profits.? Build up your discussion on the two sets of tests examining this hypothesis.<br />? Define strong-form efficient market hypothesis (EMH) and discuss the results of a study that tests strong-form EMH.<br />Assignment Guidelines<br />? <br />? Avoid plagiarism and use appropriate referencing. Please check<br /><br /><br />Prospective Outline<br />? An introduction of the assignment question;<br />? A literature review;<br />? A consistent and comprehensive discussion of the three issues given in the text;<br />? A conclusion and further comments.<br />?<br />Referencing Requirements:<br />Bodie, Z., Kane, A. and Marcus, A. J. (2011), Investments and Portfolio Management, <br />9th edition, McGraw-Hill. (BKM)<br /><br />And other relevant academic resources.!

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