AfghanistanAnswers must be ITEMIZED, that is, number your answers and answer all the questions ONE BY ONE. Exams MUST be typed. Be mindful of what is considered to be Plagiarism. Please ITEMIZE your exam as you answer all questions that are asked.TAKE Home Exam:Analyzing the reasons behind the inherent stability of Afghanistan. WRITE THE EXACT TITLE OF THE EXAM AT THE VERY TOP, and then THE followng SUBTOPICS AT THE HEAD OF EACH ITEM YOU DISCUSS.1)The non-artificial nature of the Afghan state; 2)Decentralized, tribalist/confederalist nature of rule in Afghanistan; 3)The role and limitations of power of the Lord of Kabul (a.k.a., the central government of Afghanistan); 4)Multi-ethnic society of Afghanistan with no ethnic majorities; 5)Lack of overt interference by Kabul or the US in the political affairs of the country and the absence of need for such an interference.Source that can help: Louis Dupree,Afghanistan (Princeton: Princeton U. Press, 2002, reprint):

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