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Picture this. Everybody is out to get you. You hear voices, or you hallucinate, These are just a few symptoms of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that effects about 1% of America. It is the most common mental disorder in the country. There is no cure for schizophrenia. There is no known cause to schizophrenia, but some people have theories. The normal progression of logical thought is disrupted, thus being called the thought disorder. A glitch in the timing of cell responses may help account for these peoples fragmented experience of the world around them. Electrical activity fails to synchronize with a specific sound as frequently as a normal healthy prison (Bower online). Inheritance may also play a role. The risk increases with the number of relatives already affected. The risk is about the same in the schizophrenics siblings as in their offspring. Increased risks are seen in second and third degree relatives of the schizophrenics. The expectation of becoming schizophrenic increases from 9% in a sibling to 16% when a parent and their sibling have the disorder. The risk is about 46% when both parents have it (Mcgruffin online). The course of schizophrenia is variable from person to person. People diagnosed with schizophrenia display a wide ranging breakdown of perception and thought. They have trouble making sense of sights, sounds and feelings. They may laugh or cry for no apparent reason. They may move more slowly, or walk in a circular motion. A good prognosis is more likely if the psychosis is an acute onset of florid symptoms, marked by fluent mood change, in addition to disturbances in thinking (Torrey Online). Specific abnormalities include delusions, hallucinations, alteration of senses, inability to sort and respond to incoming sensations appropriately, altered sense of sel…

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