AlzheimersPaper instructions:VERY IMPORTANT, READ THE GUIDELINES BELOW PLEASE:-Examine the latest research on Alzheimer?s disease. What theories have been developed to explain the probable causes of AD? What new developments have taken place in treatment? What is the outlook for further developments in this field?-Please use at least five journal articles (either empirical research studies or literature reviews, NOT theoretical pieces or case studies) to substantiate your writing on the topic. A good place to start searching for these articles would be PsychInfo, PsychArticles, PubMed, and/or Medline. Within your paper, please be sure to describe the historical and current thinking on the topic. You should also point to issues relating to this topic that remain unanswered or may benefit from further study.-In-text citations are needed whenever you refer to specific information or ideas that you learned from your research. You do not need to cite your own ideas or examples from your own experience. However, any other information that is not considered common knowledge ? facts or ideas that anyone is likely to know ? should be cited. This means you need to carefully cite each of your sources so you know where you obtained the information for your paper. Including the author(s) and year is sufficient for in-text citations of paraphrased or summarized material ? information from a source that you have put into your own words. However, you will need to include the page or paragraph number of the source (in addition to the author(s) and year) for any direct quotations. Again, this requires careful note-taking as you read your sources. Be sure to put quotation marks around any information copied word-for-word from your source, and write down the page or paragraph number for the quote so you will not need to search for this information later.When writing the research paper, you may do some of the following:1. Cite text from another source2. Discuss the Ideas or research of another person in your own words.3. Write about your own opinions on a topic4. Include a table or diagram from another source5. Write about something you know you?ve read about somewhere but you can?t remember where6. Present the results of your own experiment or survey7. Paraphrase the ideas from two separate source linking them together using your own words.!

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