Amelia, Wage Slavery and Frederick Douglass

Amelia, a worker in mid 19th century Lowell, Massachusetts, claimed that factory workers were caught in a system of wage slavery. How did she justify this claim?Using what you know of factory work in mid 19th century, explain how such paid work might compare and contrast to slavery as described by Frederick Douglass in his Narrative. (Remember to frame this discussion in the changing context/s of the time period.) Answer should be 2 paragraphs.Source: chapters CH 25d CH 22a Mill work, Mill workers, and Life in the Mills Center for Lowell History, Mill Life in Lowell 1820-1880 The Harbinger, Female Workers of Lowell (1836) Orestes A. Brownson, Slave Labor vs. Free Labor, Boston Quarterly Review, July 1840 Charles Dickens, General Appearance of Mill Workers, from American Notes 1842 A Week in the Mill, Lowell Offering (1845) Josephine L. Baker, A Second Peep at Factory Life in Lowell Offering (1845)

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