american economic history first century

american economic history first century1) select any of the graphs that have been presented to aid in thinking analytically about a question in american economic history, and reproduce it, fully labeled and with an accompanying paragraph that explains what it demonstrates. 2) The federal government of the united states if often described as playing only a minimal role in the US economy until well into the 20th century, as providing no more than a legal “framework for commerce”. Please assess the accuracy of that assertion for the period from Independence to the civil war (1783 to 1860), providing examples to support your statement. ( This should be around 350 words) You should strive to create an answer that is well organized, clear, logical, to the point, focused on economic issues and theories, and well supported. Focus on the question and economics, write a substantive comprehensive answer that is focused, attentive to the word limits. ONLY USE THE NOTES I PROVIDE AND THE BOOK JONATHAN HUGHES AND LOUIS P. CAINS AMERICAN ECONOMIC HISTORY 8TH EDITION. :

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