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Dr. Burdette Analysis of A Transcription During the work of this project our group realized the importance of the individual players within this large production known as the Little 500. There was much to be learned from these riders of the Acacia team and how they perceived their training and performance in this esteemed competition. By interviewing one involved in the procedure much can be extracted into terms of form, function, meaning, event and context. Although it seems to be rather difficult at times to understand the importance of some of these within the transcription, there has been a straining effort in order to come to the requested conclusions below. For our research on the fraternity Acacia’s representing team in the annual intramural race we interviewed Kevin Vanes. Kevin, being put through the grueling training, spoke with us on certain instances of practice, techniques used in competition and the satisfaction coming from these experiences. In reference to form being evident within the interview, an observer may notice that of the two people involved, one is asking questions and the other is responding. Responding to the first question about his trip with the team to San Diego for the purpose of training. He discusses the events of the week by mapping out the strenuous exercises from one day to the next. By noting the accented words within the interview and listening to the tape we notice the rider stresses the difficulty of this training “vacation.” He seems to answer every question by not only emphasizing the difficulty for shock effect but in order to impress us and gain our admiration. This helps us understands the importance of this challenge to the riders. The particular person being interviewed finds much pride in overcoming the challenges provided by his coach, his teammates and his own pressures to qualify for the race. He also paused often in describing the tough terrain of the coa…

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