American literature critical analysis

American literature critical analysisChoose one to write about in a ~1500 word essay that uses correct MLA format. Any of the topics listed below are fair game and can be expanded on. You can address the topics specifically, or use them as jumping off points for another issue you find in the literature.You must use at least two outside sources to support your ideas. Those sources must come from a textbook, a book, or from the college?s online library.Be sure you cite these sources, as well as the stories you are discussing, in your works cited page.The paper should be double spaced, 12? font, Times or Arial. You must provide a works cited page. Please remember that outside research must be cited. Be sure to discuss each topic thoroughly, using enough textual evidence to support your arguments. Be sure the thesis or theme statement is clear and well-supported throughout the paper.Any of these can be the topic of the paper.1. Discuss Twain?s use of language in the opening passages of Huck Finn. Discuss how Twain uses Huck?s style as a way to construct character.2. Discuss the use of irony in two of the following writers: Chopin, Twain, Bierce, and/or Howells.3. Write an essay comparing Twain and Bierce?s description of natural landscapes. What details do they focus on? What do the landscapes represent on a larger scale? How do their descriptions identify their individual writing styles?4. The structure and rhetorical strategies of Souls of Black Folk are markedly different from those favored by Washington in Up From Slavery. Write an essay describing some of these differences, and consider the relationship of these strategies to the intentions of each author.5. Cather?s ?The Sculptor?s Funeral? tells of individuals in small communities, people who live out their lives without being understood by others and perhaps even without community or love. Compare this to Chopin?s ?Desiree?s Baby.?6. Write an essay comparing Porter?s characterization of the female to Chopin?s characterization, another female writer from the South. How is the Southern female conveyed? What prose and rhetorical strategies are used by each author? (You can also compare the construction of the female character by Porter or Chopin to Howell?s Editha, a female character written from the point of view of a northern man.)!

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