American Polotics

American political participation is slowly declining. It is evident that to understand politics today requires a large amount of time and research. More so than the average voter can invest time into. Ideally it is up to the average citizen to elect leaders to decide the interests of society as a whole. American citizens who are not involved in political knowledge tend to be more stand offish when it comes to voicing their opinion in political polls. To them government, seems to becoming more confusing, and harder to follow as time goes on. This is due to a lack of clear differences between political parties and their views. In fact the views of the political parties are so distorted and hard to understand, that the average voter does not associate himself or herself in the voting process. It is evident that in the polls the average voter turnout has slowly been decreasing. This intern hurts the influence of public opinion, which openly expresses the ideas and views of ordinary citizens who have no special interest beyond the point of lowering taxes, and living in a humane yet equal society. Today it seems as if public policies are more directed by Special Interest Groups, Political Action Committees, and the media, rather than by its citizens. All of, which allows big money and big business to buy, influence and grasp control of our government. A government that was designed by the people to respond to the will of the people does not seem to be the case. When average voters vote they are electing officials to produce policies that effect their lives. “Today voter’s are usually not as well informed about candidates’ policy positions.”(American Dem. P189) The government seems to ignore the fact that political participation is declining, due to the overwhelming influence of financial power in Washington. Politicians need large amounts of money to promote themselves to the people. So much that they spend a large m…

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