American Red Cross in Dallas, Texas

American Red Cross in Dallas, TexasPersuasive and informative proposalUse the four different levels of measurement that can be identified: nominal (Data are assigned to categories based on similarity or difference. Example: Ethnicity, marital status, yes/ no response), ordinal (Data are sequenced in some order. Example: Many attitude and opinion questions), interval (Data are sequenced in some order, and the distances between the different points are equal. Example: IQ, GRE scores), and ratio (Ratio Data are sequenced in some order, the distances between the different points are equal, and each value reflects an absolute magnitude. The zero point reflects an absence of the value. Example: Years of age, number of children, miles to place of employment).Read and used input on American Red Cross in Dallas3.docxPlease cross reference!Identify levels of measurement: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio? ?perspectivesAs Appendix-B 20 Questions with discretion to research (see document information which gathers concerns in evaluating), with 20 Furthering Questions per question. Include demographics and cultural barriers.As Appendix-C Excel Analysis Field Chart to track Data and Analysis for 100+ different persons as levels of Agency Structures.As Appendix-D Lists for tracking employees.Include demographics and cultural barriers.I=independent variable D=Dependent variablesAbove, This will be my measurement Instrument:

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