an analysis of an organization?s culture on google using HofstedeThe circumstances leading to the focus of your essayThe topics you are going to discuss in the essay choose one (the practice, issue, event or sub-unit)Theoretical Framework (approx.. 500 words)Briefly outline/discuss the theoretical framework you have chosen ? discuss why the chosen framework is more appropriate for the essay rather than anotherframework (yes, outline briefly the other framework concepts as well)the other framework that was given (Schein, Hofstede, Weick, Handy/Harrison or Duffy)Discussion of central topic (approx..2000 words)As this essay is about culture, you can define culture hereCritically discuss and evaluate the cultural issues of your chosen topic by using the framework dimensions.1. an issue (something which the organization has responded to) OR2. a particular organizational practice (something the organization does) OR3. an event (some particular incident or series of incidents inside the organization) OR4. a sub ? unit (an organizational department department/division) .Conclusion (approx.. 300 words)Summarize the key points of your analysisMake sure the conclusion wraps up and links up to the central topic you mentioned at the beginning of the passage.At least 10 academic references (published books, textbooks, journals)-the paper should purely focus on the culture of the company.-how culture affect the organization.!

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