analysis of a small piece of scripture.

analysis of a small piece of scripture.Your exegesis should address the following points, but you can arrange them in an order that best suits the paper you are writing: I ) What is the cultural and historical context of the passage? 2) Who is the author? And how do we know? 3) What was the original form of the passage? (i.e. was it used as a hymn, prayer, song, propaganda? This question will not apply to all passages:the commentaries will provide information if this is applicable.) 4) What are the key words and phrases in the passage? 5) How does this passage relate to the chapter in which it appears? 6) How does it relate to the entire book? The amount of information you provide on any one of these questions will depend on the text you select. Your analysis is most important; be sure toevaluate and be prepared to critique the authors of the commentaries that you are using as references.:

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