Analyzes Remember the titans

Analyzes Remember the titansThis paper is for a Team building and conflict resolution an important event or decision involving a team or set of teams (Remember the Titans) , akin to the cases that we have studied about Everest, Mann Gulch, Columbia shuttle, Apollo 13, Chilean miners.Write a paper that analyzes that event ( Remember the Titans) using the concepts from the course.The body of the paper should be 10-15 pages, you may add exhibits or tables as appendices. The paper should offer a concise description of the event (no longer than 2 pages), and then the remainder of the essay should focus on analysis of the events using course concepts and tools.Examples of Concepts and tools:Team Design, Climate, & Process, Group think, Dissent, & constructive Conflict, Fair Process, Commitment, & Alignment, Creative teams, or complex coordination among teams.Apollo 13: 1.Determination: Failure is not an option2.Team-building in advance of crises, major project/challenges3.The power of simulation, drills, and practice4.On-line vs. off-line teams5.How to compose teams effectively6.Open dialogue and debate7.Generating as many options as possible8.Keeping your options open; retaining flexibility9.Avoiding the initial hypothesis and confirmation bias traps10.The power of small winsFour roles of Drills/ simulations1. Allow the organization to observe flaws in managerial and technical processes2. Develop automatic behavior that can speed recovery and action in the face of a problem3. Remind the operation of the ongoing possibility of a crisis4. Inculcate principles for the solution of technical problems, which may well find application in unknown and unfamiliar situationsMannGulch:The Intuitive ProcessCognitive biases, misuse of analogies, complexity obscures pattern recognition ability, outdated mental models, failing to question well-accepted ?rules of thumb", moving outside one?s experience base, inability to communicates one?s intuitive judgments and choices.Above are just analyses examples for each case.I want the writer to use primary or secondary source to support the analysis of Remember the Titans ( like articles from a newspaper or people who writes about the story). Not only analyzing the movie but more on the true story (because the movie is base on a true story).basically writes about team building, how people communicate, working as a team, decision making, strategy, from individuals, team to organizational systems. ( These are just suggestions)ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DSICOUNT !

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