ancient greek theatre

Wars and the effects on ancient Greek theatre Grant Kohler Before the year 479 BCE, most of the innovations from the Greeks were art in its most common form and in the mathematics and sciences. Examples of this are Pythagoras in 525; he developed a throm about right triangles. It wasnt until aproxiamtely 458 Bce that the first tragedy was created. Drama had existed before this , but in other forms. What we consider drama first began simply as a chorus of singers, usually singing in dactyllic hexameter ( verse in which 6 segments of 3 syllabless, the first syllable of each segment stressed and leaving the last two unstressed), which is the same verse in which the Homeric poems are written in. later, in 534 BCE, Thespis revolutionized theatre by seperating a person from the chorus to talk and sing to. They would sing to honor the god, Dionysis. Wars were pretty much always being fought since the formation of Greece. It wasnt until after the Battle of Platea in 479 BCE that something remarkable occurred. There was peace in all lannds until 431 BCE. In those 48 years, not only did all forms of art and scienece flourish with creative changes, but the theatric world completely flippped on its axis. People who encountered death daily now had time to think, and with this came the first tragedy. With the usual hoopla for the festival for Dionysis, the men would wear goat skins because goats were a symbol of fertility. In 458 BCE, Aeschylus created the first tragedy, Ortesia. The word tragedy comes from the revelers wearing the skins. Tragos and ode, for goat and song respectively. Oretesia is like most of the early tragedies because it has been lost over time. Only a few of Aeschyluss plays remain extant today. Ten years after the first tragedy was written, the Greeks began work on the Parthenon, a great theatre. Also in the same year came Sophocles, who is probably the most known of the Greek playwrights. …

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