Anglo Saxon HeroismBeowulf

Anglo Saxon Heroism Beowulf was an epic poem and an excellent portrayal of the perfect Anglo-Saxon hero. my lord Higlac might think less of me if I let me sword wander where my feet are afraid to(180). This line from Beowulf exemplifies the Anglo-Saxon ideal of bravery in heroism. Not only bravery, but loyalty to the king or ruler was placed at great value during this time. The Anglo-Saxon here also realized the inevitability of fate. An ideal hero during this time was a brave man, willing to put everything on the line for his king, realizing that fate was an undeniable reality. Beowulf was an Anglo-Saxon hero. In the poem everyone in the land thought of him as one. One of the many reasons for this, was because he was willing to lay it all on the line, including his life, in order to help or save his king. This was greatly respected, because not everyone was willing to die for their king. It was thought that dieing for your country was the ultimate and most respected sacrifice. According to the Anglo-Saxon, fate is something that no one can escape. The Anglo-Saxon hero realized this and used it to their advantage. If they truly felt that fate was no option, they realized that when battling a monster, or whatever it may be, that the outcome lie in their lords hands, not in theres. They could use this sort of an excuse when they lost, and it made them a little braver, when putting it all on the line. Bravery was the single most important trait in an Anglo-Saxon hero. A here that was not brave, was not thought to be anything special. The willingness of Beowulf to fight grendel bare handed, and let fate decide the rest, was a premium example of bravery in a hero. This is why men envied him and respected him. Although bravery alone could not make a man a hero, it was considered to be a very strong trait. Bravery, Fate, and Loyalty, all these were the parts of an ideal hero in Anglo-Saxon times. Beowulf was a …

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