Animal Farm chapter summaies

Chapter 4,5&6 Summary Chapter 4 talks about how the pigs ran the farm. Jones sat and sat drunk every day. Jones and the rest of the humans invaded the farm. They were chased back out of it. Jones shot Snowball and a sheep. Chapter 5 is the beginning of where Napoleon starts to take over. He chases Snowball out. He changes the commandments. The pigs slept in the house, they started to drink alcohol, and they took Jesses puppies away. Chapter 6 tells how the animals worked like slaves. They were starved while the pigs feasted in the house. Napoleon wouldnt feed any of the other animals. They all slaved for him. He stole Snowballs windmill idea. In the end of the chapter Jones blows up the windmill and Snowball gets the blame. …

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