animal farm1

Animal Farm In the book Animal Farm, the animals showed a true example of the way that humans act and do things when they have power. There are many lessons in the book that can help show what to and what not to do with power. Another lesson it shows is what happens when power is abused. The book also shows a clear idea of the fact that Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely(Lord Acton). It shows a clear idea of how all the Communist Governments have been run and how power can change people. There are two main lessons that the book illustrates. The first one is that there will never be a government where all people are exactly equal. In the book the animals have a government set up and one of the commandments the animals have reads, All Animals are Equally(ch.1). By the end of the of the book after the pigs had taken over the farm the commandment was changed to All Animals are Equally, but some are more equal then others(ch.10). So in the course of time all there will always be some that end up being or acting like they are better then the rest, making it seem like some are more equal. Another lesson that can be learned from this book is that if power is abused then all will be lost. In animal farm Napoleon had all the power when he got rid of Snowball. The power went to Napoleons head and he started to make a lot of bad choices. He changed all the commandments so he could do the same things to the animals as the humans use to do. So what happened to the farmer ended up happening to Napoleon and the rest of the pigs; the animals revolted again and destroyed every thing that Napoleon had. This book is also a good reminder many things. For one it is a good reminder that people should never become to powerful because power corrupts. In the book Napoleon only wanted to be in control over all the animals so that he wouldnt have to do any of the farm work, but the pow…

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