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Yes twenty four hour visitation is something all the students wish to have at some colleges but it?s not for all colleges. Some college students always look forward into having fun playing and being interactive with the opposite sex. You would never have any privacy time someone would always be in the suite with your roommate or out in the always making loud and disturbing noises. As she said?Most of college students like to relax in nightgowns T-shirts or underwear in their rooms or halls.? Relationships could also become a distraction to the person that is trying toAnna Todd Jennings Scholarship do homework or trying to study for that big test in the morning. That person who is in that relationship may have that boy or girl in their room to talk or do anything they was planning on doing. So there would be no privacy for yourself not even for work you just might want to take a quick nap or just relax and watch some television. Stealing is another big key problem you might have by having twenty four hour visitation. The doors would always be unlocked from people walking in and out not remembering to shut the door. That makes it easier for someone that doesn?t belong in your room to take your stuff. As she also said? These people might be anything from pranksters to criminals but anyone leaving a room unlocked would be taking a chance of be robbed or seriously harmed.? I know most parents if they found out their child belongings are missing they would be ready to find out who took their child stuff and that could lead to something even bigger than what it was. In the same way most of racism in any form is evil that should be opposed. Anna Todd scholarship could be another terrible thing because it has a lot of racial comments or things about. It discriminates on certain religions when scholarships shouldn?t be that way. I feel like not only Anna Todd Jennings scholarship but any other scholarship should be for any student at their leisure. One of the financial aid office representatives says? He knew about the racial restrictions on the scholarship but thought everyone had the right to apply.? These scholarships are not cheap be apply for and not being able to get it because of your racist. You will have to pay for transcripts financial statements pay to get the forms you would have to fill out etc. Parents would be devastated if they here their child couldn?t get the scholarship because of their race. One student said If we do not take that money and use our education to topple the barriers of prejudice we are giving the money to those who will use the money in the opposite fashion.? People would take action if they don?t change the scholarship rules. People would try to have riots protest or again try to take the founders money. If people don?t believe in racism and don?t want to those types of things to happen to our students and community they would have put and end to that racial act that the school tried to oppose. I hope by refusing to apply for the Anna Todd Jennings Scholarship and not letting twenty for hour visitation into dormitories would better out students and make them have an successful life and school year.”

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