anne moody

ESSAY ASSIGMENT #2 America of the 1960s was a social and ideological battleground. It was fighting an idelogical war in southeast Asia, while at home it was battling civil rights conflicts which had been simmering just beneath the surface for over a hundred years. In what could only be explained as historical irony, the U.S. military was fighting for human rights for the South Vietnamese while denying civil rights to its citizens whose only “crime” was that their skin was black. The civil rights movement not only defined America, but also the lives of the black men and women who had long known oppression, and were frutrated by the feeble attempts to combat it. Anne Moody’s autobiography, Coming of Age in Mississippi, explored the impact of the civil rights movement on her life and perspective. We can find three events in Moody’s as turning points in her life; her high- school days, her college experiences, and finally, the movement itself. As Moody recalled her childhood, she acknowledged that from a very early age, racism wasn’t just something to read about in newspapers. In Mississippi, it was like an insidious cancer from which there was no escape. Even as a child, although she lacked the intellectual comprehension of prejudice, she knew that she was treated differently from other children. She wondered why the white families had such modern conveniences as indoor toilets, while her family and those like them were denied such things. What was their secret? Moody was an acaemic scholar who had received a college scholarship, much to the delight of her parents, but she always knew she would never be like everybody else. Her family were proud, working-class people who attempted to assimilate into the American mainstream, but racism made Moody angry and eager to fight. This left her increasingly ali…

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