Annotated bibliographyPaper instructions:Pleas read upload additional materials before start writing, according to the requirement to complete the order.Annotated Bibliography Explanation and AssignmentAssignment:For this assignment, you will select 3 reliable, relevant, and current articles, books,interviews, or government documents that you will definitely cite in your researchpaper and type an annotated bibliography. You may not use any Internet sources onthis assignment, unless the source was originally published in print form.What is an annotated bibliography?To understand what an annotated bibliography is, let?s start by defining bothwords. An annotation, put simply, is a brief explanation. A bibliography is a list ofworks (books, articles, documents, etc.) on a particular subject. Therefore, anannotated bibliography is a list of works on a subject with a brief explanation of eachwork.How do I format my annotated bibliography?Formatting an annotated bibliography is easy. Start by typing a Works Cited page inMLA format; unlike the citations on a Works Cited page, type these inbold. Remember to alphabetize the citations according to the authors? lastnames. Then, after each citation on the Works Cited page, type a 2-3 paragraphannotation of each source. Rather than typing ?Works Cited? at the top of the page,type ?Annotated Bibliography.?What should I include in the annotations of my sources?The first paragraph should be a brief but thorough summary of the source. Be sure toinclude the author?s claim or purpose in writing the source. In the second and thirdparagraphs, offer analysis of the source. What evidence does the author use to supporthis or her main idea? Does he or she identify all sources? Does the information seemreliable? What assertions does the author make but not support, if any? Whatintriguing facts catch your attention? Essentially, after summarizing the source in thefirst paragraph, you will analyze the source to deem whether or not it is worthy ofbeing quoted and cited in your essay.What should I exclude from the annotations?Since this is the most academic and formal of the assigned essays, your bibliographyshould be just this ? academic and formal. Leave out your personal opinion, sarcasm,or frivolous detail. In doing so, your bibliography will look professional and scholarly.What is a reliable source?Whether or not a source is reliable depends upon the topic. For this reason, you mustuse judgment when selecting sources. Look at factors such as date of publication, thereputation of the publication, the type of publication, the credibility of the author, thebelievability of the information presented, etc. Also, sources that are peer reviewed areusually reliable, though not every topic lends itself to sources from journals. Whateveryou do, stay away from online encyclopedias like Wikipedia and dictionaries; these are quick and easy sources that waste the reader?s time. Also,stay away from pop culture magazines like People or Entertainment Weekly, as theycarry no ethos on important matters.Annotated Bibliography ExampleJoe StudentProfessor DoeENGL 1113DateAnnotated BibliographyHarrelson, Daniel. ?Stem Cells: Time to Reenter the Legal Minefield? Time 25 Oct. 2004: 25-32. Print.In this article, ethics professor Daniel Harrelson examines the moral, ethical, and legalissues surrounding stem cell research. Harrelson discusses the challenges President Bush facedwhen making a decision regarding federally-funded research, and asserts that Bush?s solutioncan only be, at best, temporary. Sooner or later, Harrelson believes, the government will have torevisit the issue and take a more definitive stance on stem cell research.Harrelson also cites a new Pew Research polls that indicates that 52% of Americans arein favor of federally-funded stem cell research. This percentage is higher than past figures; only41% of Americans were in favor of such funding in 2002. Harrelson contributes this risingpercentage to the recent discoveries in stem cell research, which indicate that cells taken fromumbilical cord blood ? as opposed to fetuses ? also hold remarkable potential to cure a variety ofailments and diseases. It is because of such recent discoveries that Harrelson believes thegovernment should reconsider the issue of federally-funded stem cell research.!

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