Ans: The given case consists of the product named Burnol whi Essay Help

Ans: The given case consists of the product named Burnol which was owned by Boots pure drug co. private limited. The case deals with the failure of the brand in the market. Previously in the 1940?s the sales of the product were huge and at its peak but slowly and steadily as time passed by and the world came up with new technologies the sales of the product started diminishing. Earlier in kitchen housewives used charcoal ovens to cook and often used to have burns while cooking and thus since the color of the cream was yellowSample case studies similar to turmeric paste the sales of the product was huge and the product was extremely reliable. The first advertisement was also an eye catching one. But from the 60?s new technologies started coming and people started using gas and the rate of accidents and burns fell down. People still now remember the brand Burnol which is used in burns but do not use it. The main issue is that the marketers tried to reposition the brand like an antiseptic or first aid product but failed miserably. It stood nowhere when compared to dettol and other strong products. Finally now the brand is owned by Morepen and is on the way of its success. Q2: What is the consumers involvement in such a product strategy? Ans: The consumers play a very important role in every product strategy because end of the day it?s the consumers who are using the product and the company is making profit. In case of Burnol the repositioning of the brand failed miserably. One reason being that the brand image of the product. The brand had high value in the mind of the consumer but as a burn cream and not some other antiseptic cream. E.g.: Can we ever think of a product like HARPIC MOUTHWASH? Never??. Similar products in the markets failed like Lux Shampoo Clinic Plus hair oil etc. All this is due to the mind set of the consumers towards a particular product. We cannot think of a brand except for some particular products. Q3: What strategies would you recommend to change consumers attitude towards the brand? Ans: A brand like Burnol whose brand image is very strong in the mind of the consumers the marketers should come up with new ideas of developing the brand in its same criteria rather than reposition it. Advertisements can be made but not showing a housewife but a teenager getting burnt while working in the chemistry lab or small kids burning themselves while burning crackers during the Diwali festival. People cannot imagine the brand to be something else besides a burn cream and trying to do so will result in only failure. Q4: Why have attempts to reposition the brand failed? Has it anything to do with the consumer?s attitudes or appropriateness of communication messages? Ans: As mentioned earlier the brand image plays a very important role in creating a position or perception in the minds of the consumer. Consumers have different kinds of perceptions in their minds regarding certain products. E.g. A person driving a Mercedes Benz drives it not merely because he has the need of a 4 wheeler but to actually show off his or her status. Therefore if Mercedes ever comes up with a small size car the brand might succeed but. Therefore if Mercedes ever comes up with a small size car the brand might succeed but model Mercedes Benz will terribly fail because that image of having a status able car will no longer will be there. Similarly no one will ever imagine Nike coming up with a Cosmetic product if so then will miserably fail. These are the various kinds of perceptions people have which are basically known as brand personalities. Similarly in the case of Burnol the attempts made of repositioning the brand failed not because of miscommunication of messages but because of the position the brand had in the minds of the consumer. Case 2: Q1: What significant culture/ sub-culture factors have led to the introduction and sales of the new Colas? Ans: The introduction of the new cola i.e. the Mecca-cola has evolved due to the Islamic culture and their protest against US foreign policy. As we all are aware of the wars between Iraq and US the amount of innocent people dying in the wars. Thus this new cola is introduced to fight against the US. The name Mecca clearly signifies the holy shrine of Muslim religion by their founder Mohammed Hazrat. Coca cola being an American product was not liked by the people since it went against their feelings since the profit from it went entirely to the Americans. But this drink gave the people a feeling that they are not consuming an US product and thus the product was a great success especially in the African and middle east countries. Q2: In your view what significance this development may serve as a pointer for many consumer products? Ans: The main significance the product serves for the consumers is the level of satisfaction since it?s not a US product and secondly the name of the product is related to their religion. People especially who are orthodox are very particular and would not go even an inch against their religion and consuming a product of a country who is killing their own people would be of great offence for them on their part. Thus this development would lead to turning point for many products who would in the future time may come up with more number of products who are religiously related especially in a country like India where people of various races inhabit. Q3: Discuss the impact of cultural factors that may strongly influence product choice. Would they be equally true for high-involvement products as well? Ans: Yes the impact of culture has always been of great influence on product choice. E.g. their was a baby food product which was of immense success in the United states of America. The company started marketing the product in various other countries but was seen to miserably fail in many parts of Africa. The reason behind the failure was not known. After conducting large number of surveys a point was discovered that generally in Africa the packaging of products especially food products was done in such a way that the ingredients of the products being used are shown in the outside cover. The baby food product by US showed a picture of a baby on their packet and therefore the sales when immensely down not because that the people dint know that there was practically no baby used inside the food their mentality and psychology has become like that which stopped them from buying the product as soon as they saw the baby on the cover. Thus there is a great impact of culture religion way of living and many such factors which affects the buying behavior of the consumers. Case 3: Q1: Would marketing in foreign countries require study of a popular country?s culture aspects and buyer behavior before marketing Khadi there? What aspects would need to be studied? Ans: Marketing khadi in foreign countries will undoubtedly require their culture but not to that extent as it would have been needed in India. Mainly because khadi is a word that is related to our nation?s father mahatma Gandhi and emotionally touched with us. The emotional touch is not so much linked with the people outside India. May be the culture aspect would be required for the Indians living abroad but other than that the aspect that needs to be concerned about would be quality tactics of proper marketing and to make people aware of the value khadi has ands how effective it would be for their used. Q2: Suggest an approach to make Khadi garments popular among Indian youth. Ans: The Indian youth is unaware of the sacrifices our freedom fighters and people like Mahatma Gandhi have done for our freedom the tortures the British people have made on us. The best way to make the youth aware of Khadi garments would be to make them aware of the sacrifices and the amount of hard days Indians have faced. The way our own gandhiji came up with the concept of khadi so that we don?t use the materials provided by the british. End of the day we are Indians and hence after being aware of all these facts and after realizing the fact that this free life we are living today is all because of such great people the youth will certainly move towards khadi garments.View as multi-pages”

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