answers to all the questions b

answers to all the questions below should be in the form of short sentences ? (with few exceptions a one or two word answer is too short a response)1. Room rack2. Occupied3. Complimentary4. Stay over5. On-change6. Do not disturb7. Sleep out8. Skipper9. Sleeper10. Vacant and ready11. Out of order12. Lock out13. Due out14. Check in15. Check out16. Late checkout17. Room status discrepancy18. What is ADR(average daily rate)?19. How do you calculate the occupancy percentage?20. What is RevPar(Revenue per Available Room)?21. Special requests or comments are noted where or how do i locate a special request?22. STR report1. How do I answer the phone2. How many rings should it take to answer the phone?3. Is there a script i should use?4. What is an up sell?5. What can i do to upsell the guest?6. What information do i need to make a reservation7. How do i record special requests( such a guest requiring a refrigerator or feather free bedding) and make certain they are honored?8. Who makes the VIP list and to whom is it distributed?9. What are the amenities in a basic guest room?10. What are the amenities in an upgraded room?11. What does a suite look like?12. Can I see each of the room types?13. What is a daily log and where is it located?14. How do we handle payment?15. Is parking available and how much is it?16. Is parking free?17. Is there self-parking, valet parking or both?18. What does an ADA room look like, and how many do we have?19. How do you interact with the sales department?20. Who sends out reservation confirmations?21. What is the cancellation policy?!

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