Anthropology.Paper detailsHere is the prompt the professor gave me. If people could hunt and gather, then why did some groups turn to farming? Compare and contrast two scholarly positions on the origins of agriculture, sedentism and village life. How, where, and when does archaeological evidence for the paleolithic- neolithic transition support or refute each theory? Which model do you find the most compelling and why? Use and cite specific archaeological examples to support your argument. The scholarly positions we talked about in class were 1. Marginal Zone Theory, (by Lewis Benford and Kent Flannery) 2. Population Pressure Theory (By Mark Cohen) 3. Optimal Zone of Natural Habitat Theory (Robert Braidwood) 4. Oasis Theory (By Gordon Childe) you have to pick two of these to talk about and explain why you believe one theory is better than the other. I have 3 sources that you must use and a reference in the paper (I will provide there) and also I need two outside sources to be referenced in the paper that are from Journals or Books that are peer reviewed. (let me know if you need help finding the outside sources):

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