About 400,000 Americans die every year because of health problems due to smoking. 1.5 million people quit smoking a year, but 50 million keep on going. Those 50 million people are addicted to nicotine. Nicotine addiction is when a person psychologically, physically, and socially has a compulsive need for nicotine. There is a persistent craving for the nicotine product. Out of all the people who smoke, 80% started before the age of 21. This means that you are more likely to start smoking as a teenager than any other age. It would follow that teenagers are more susceptible to the addiction. How do we prevent teens from staring to smoke. I feel that prevention starts in the home. Teach your kids about how harmful tobacco is from an early age. If you suspect your son or daughter of smoking take it seriously. Stop them before its too late. Teaching of the effects of cigarette smoking is a must. Tell them that about 400,00 Americans die every year because of health problems due to smoking. The second part of prevention takes place in our government. Stricter fines for sales to minors would help out allot. If there were also laws about underage smoking in public more teens would think twice about smoking. In the end all of this would help deplete the smoking population. Once a teen is addicted, at such a young age breaking the addiction is more difficult. Teenagers are adolescents and their minds are still developing. The task of breaking an addiction requires a mature, responsible and dedicated intellect. It is for this reason that smoking in teens should be treated like any other drug addiction. Alcohol and drug addiction is treated with a very controlled and monitored therapeutic program. High schools should run programs that involve counseling and group sessions for cigarette addicts. Emphasis has to be placed on self-responsibility and behavior modification. As with drug addicts recovery has to be an …

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