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This brief synopsis as a human service worker in which I make every effort to help people groups and communities to triumph over their issues and struggles. As a human service worker I almost certainly would come across many ethical predicaments that involve susceptible issues such as discrimination social unfairness and oppression poverty substance abuse and mental health issues. As a human service worker or provider my personal principles may become an ethical difficulty with reference to discrimination of any sort because of my private belief but of course I am conscious of how many ethical standards thatApply Ethics in Practice can be challenged if I allow my individual view to develop into concern. Nevertheless of course I identify with knowing and should no bet use as an unbiased conclusion unless the circumstances turn out to be dangerous to myself or the client involved. Next if this circumstance come to pass then I would use the code of moral principles produced by the national association of human service workers as a most important point addressing ethical predicament which it may cause. On the other hand I was in a circumstance where a person that I was helping he was very serious and clear in his mind and full detail about who he wanted to work with and talk too. He was discriminating against a co worker because of skin color and race although we were on the job and others was watching him he decided to be rude and very sarcastic for no apparent reason. I wanted to voice my opinion but I didn?t but finally one day I decided to read the code of ethics at work and fill out a report on him with other co workers so that the discrimination could stop. It ended up being better than before the man was disciplined but functioning in the human service department there will be times when you do not agree with your client and your own principles could turn out to be an fair matter. My individual principles possibly will develop into an ethical concern if I meet a family unit where a close relative is a drug user or a pregnant mother is a smoker. I am a well-built advocate in captivating concern of the happiness of offspring and unborn children in a drug badly treated atmosphere. I do not believe any close relatives ought to abuse drugs more than ever with child it is not in favor of my ethical importance. I also be inclined to be very guarded when it comes to serving a family where whichever together parents or just one parent is a drug user. I want to make sure that the family be taken care of and will most importantly loving towards the children. Finally in conclusion I consider a situation to may have found myself as a human service expert or professional wherever I used private ideas may perhaps develop into an ethical matter and in closing apply ethics in all situations. Reference Dittmer J. (2013). Ethics Applied. Retrieved from”

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