Apply HRM topics to a real life event using a current news story (2014 ? present)

The news story should in the year of 2014 or 2015. You should choose a news story that relates to one of the topics in HRM. For example, you might find a news item that demonstrates how poor HR practices may be eroding the organization?s value in some way (e.g., image to the public, company performance, i.e., is the firm failing in some way? (relates to SHRM) Please source from a reputable publication (i.e., journal or newspaper).Your paper should include the following components: 1. Introduction (e.g., the purpose of this paper is to?), & concise problem statement 2. Describe whether you are writing about a current news story and go into detail: a. Explain the situation i. Provide the title of the news story ii. Summarize what is happening or what happened iii. Describe the stakeholders involved (if applicable) iv. Provide a brief outline of the points you will be discussing in the body of the paper v. Include any other pertinent information 3. Elaborate and explain how the story relates to a topic covered in HRM. Elaborate as required. 4. What HR recommendations might improve the situation or what HR practices are making the situation ideal? What action plan would you recommend for the future? What are the implications of your recommendations? Provide rationale for your suggestions. 5. Conclusion:

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