Arbitration Opinion & Award

Project description here is the link to the Arbitration Video: I have attached a written transcript of the Arbitration hearing shown on the video (see, attached)Remember? for your written assignment. You need 2 ? 3 pages typed. This is an Arbitration Opinion & AwardYOU are the arbitrator.Introduce the case, then lay out the case that each side presented (i.e., the hospital?s case and then the union?s case). Be sure to discuss thewitnesses, what they said, what documents were introduced or discussed, etc. THEN, declare your decision as to who wins. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHERYOU RULE FOR THE HOSPITAL OR THE UNION, OR SPLIT THE DECISION. Support your final decision by stating what you found credible and what you did notfind to be credible (i.e., I believed witness X when she said?; I found witness Y?s story to be suspect when she said?; etc.). i attached the images as an example for this work but in a different topic. Also, the word documents has all the information and the strategies thatyou need.:

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