Arguing for medical marijuana legalization

Arguing for medical marijuana legalizationPaper instructions:InstructionsWrite an essay on the controversial issue about which you have already been writing. Learn more about the issue, and take a position on it. Present the issue to readers, and develop a well-supported argument for the purpose of confirming, challenging, or changing your readers? views on the issue. I don?t want it to be an obvious argument that covers exactly the points you examined in Essays I-II. I want you to develop a unique, well-researched argument about the topic you have been exploring. For example, you might argue a way to mend the current immigration problem, proposing specific laws to implement. You might discuss how legalizing gay marriage would benefit a certain aspect of society. Or you might argue why legalizing marijuana could assist in decreasing the national debt. I want you to develop a specific argument that reflects analytical thinking.Specific RequirementsYou need to locate and incorporate six articles into your argument essay. You, of course, may use the articles you located for Essay III; however, if you realize your argument is taking a different direction than you anticipated, you can use new articles.You must incorporate all of the articles into your essay, quoting, summarizing, and/or paraphrasing them. (You can?t just cite an author in your Works Cited page but not reference him or her in the context of your essay.)!

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